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When organizations seek 'Team-building' workshops, what they often need is

'Trust-building.' What they usually get are silly embarrassing tasks which disenfranchise and annoy (games which wrong-foot them, awkward role-play and puzzles which only make the staff feel stupid).

Inspectors and Observers want to see lessons that are Creative, Social and Active. But they are often subjected to lessons that are creatively bankrupt - and they are not slow in awarding such lessons a failing grade!

This training explores the many benefits of target setting – both to the student and the staff. 

Like new years resolutions, so many targets fail to be achieved. This training shows exactly why this happens and offers new tools which maximize the likelyhood of achievement for any Target setter. 

The Coaching relationship is at the heart of all good Teaching and Learning, but it is only effective
if the Coach has the necessary tools and skills.

This Training offers those tools and skills

Stretch and Challenge are concepts which occur with increasing frequency in Ofsted and Estyn reports. Teachers know there should be more 'stretch and challenge' but most have had no training in them.

This training provides a catalogue of hints, tips and techniques for effective teaching and learning. It is especially useful for part time staff or those new to teaching (who can sometimes feel overwhelmed, or even a little 'left out in the cold'). The emphasis is on what works - in this way the course is highly pragmatic.

The lifeblood of any large organization is the quality of its communication, and the condition of its relationships. Transactional Analysis is an elegant tool for significantly improving both!

NLP Training is often over-priced (at £1,000's per person), and sometimes delivered by those with only rudimentary qualifications. This reasonably priced training is delivered by an INLPTA qualified NLP Master Practitioner, with over 25 years teaching experience.

This training is only offered to graduates of our Using NLP to Enrich Teaching and Learning because it builds on concepts previously explored.

The aim of the training is to give delegates a greater awareness of themselves and others, and new sets of skills and understandings. It is intended that these new tools will be of huge practical import within the environment of the classroom, and within the organization as a whole.

A great training for raising the overall health of teams - and the organization as a whole!

Only when each part of the body functions well does the body as a whole experience optimum wellness.

Is it just another buzz word in education?

What does it really mean in practice?

This training explores not only why it is important to Ofsted, and every pupil in the group, but also how to differentiate in practice.

So much rests on good grades - and when the dust settles and the organization is reduced to a stark number, that number can drastically affect your fortunes (harming or helping as it will).

Many folks are taught to be assertive when dealing with challenging behaviour, but this can often escalate the conflict because it encourages strategies of maintaining eye contact, and techniques like 'broken record'. Both would almost certainly make things worse. Under stress, staff might focus heavily on being right instead of first being safe (and keeping others safe). Such mistakes are often dealt with in A & E!

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