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Using NLP to enrich Teaching and Learning

NLP Training is often over-priced (at £1,000's per person), and sometimes delivered by those with only rudimentary qualifications. This reasonably priced training is delivered by an INLPTA qualified NLP Master Practitioner, with over 25 years teaching experience.

It covers the main Principles of NLP and shows how these can be used to great effect by those who teach or train.

This Training is suitable for a very wide range of people working within any field that involves teaching and learning (including pre 16's, post 16's and beyond). It concerns itself with how we interact with others, and how we can shape our communication to best serve their needs (as students) and ours (as teachers).

In particular it focuses on what NLP is:

  • Is it about manipulating people?
  • What are the Four Legs of NLP?
  • What are the critical factors in developing a learning climate?
  • How can we best develop rapport?
  • It is said that the best teachers teach to each-but how can this be?
  • Each class is a group of individuals.
  • Is differentiation just another empty buzz-word?

It also examines useful presuppositions - magical rules that work.

The following areas are crucial to NLP and they too will be explored:

  • Outcomes - how to set and achieve goals (why previous goal-setting may have failed)
  • Sensory Acuity - and how to improve your awareness of what's going on inside ourselves and others
  • Flexibility - and the need to have "generative" rather than just "deductive" thinking
  • Action - applying these principles and others in the practical setting of the classroom

Sometimes we only notice things when they go wrong. But NLP focuses instead on what works. In a sense it is a catalogue of what works, and how we can best apply what works. It is positive and pragmatic, and immensely useful. In essence it is simply a deeper form of "common sense." For example, some people "fly into a rage" very quickly - imagine if they could use those same skills to "fly into a calm!" This course will have an overtly practical emphasis. It is for teachers, and trainers, already working hard, who would like to work smarter by discovering where the leverage is.

Could how you say be as important as what you say? - are you merely teaching subjects when you could be teaching students?

It is my sincere aim to make the day, fun, memorable, and useful.

Summary: A sound introduction to the profound principles of NLP, giving an awareness of its scope and its particular application to Teaching and Learning.


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