Training for Teachers

Using Assertiveness for Confidence, Clarity and Communication

A great training for raising the overall health of teams - and the organization as a whole!

Only when each part of the body functions well does the body as a whole experience optimum wellness.

Each organ has a dual role:

  • To be itself and function well doing what it does (the individual)
  • To integrate well with the rest of the body (the organization)

Assertiveness is about being able to be yourself (and express yourself) whilst raising your awareness of the needs and feelings of others. Strangely, despite its ability to catalyze profound change, assertiveness training has not been embraced by organizations in the way that it might have been (typically, it has been offered as a kind of 'token training' for women in the workplace - a box ticking exercise). This training however, is intended to have real value and meaning for those who attend, and for those they work with. Men and women.

When people are not assertive it can literally destroy teams and undermine organizations. Non assertive behaviour falls into three broad categories

    Aggressive - The Bully
    (Bulldozes others to get what they want, shout, intimidate, over react)
    Passive - The Doormat
    (Gives in out of fear of conflict, then resents new situation, blames and complains)
    Passive Aggressive - The Manipulator
    (traps people into doing what they want, often by using guilt or playing 'victim')

The Training explores the three positions, as well as the healthier Assertive option. A rich understanding of these four options alone usually leads to measurable levels of positive transformation.

The scope of the training will include:

  • Four types of behaviour
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Self esteem and developing a better relationship with yourself
  • Saying 'No,' and Saying 'Yes' (to everyone's benefit!)
  • Dealing with criticism (without feeling hurt or condemned)
  • Dealing with compliments (without deflection or discounting)
  • Tone of voice and body language
  • Specific Techniques - Fogging, Broken Record, Workable Compromise, etc.
  • Assertiveness and goals

Assertiveness is not about being more demanding and loud - that is known as aggression. Aggression is non assertive.

Summary: A thoroughly modern training for men and women in the workplace - designed to encourage healthier working relationships where each member contributes fully to the overall health of the organization; Ideal for raising self awareness, self-esteem and emotional intelligence.


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