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Managing Challenging Behaviour - What really works and Why

Many folks are taught to be assertive when dealing with challenging behaviour, but this can often escalate the conflict because it encourages strategies of maintaining eye contact, and techniques like 'broken record'. Both would almost certainly make things worse. Under stress, staff might focus heavily on being right instead of first being safe (and keeping others safe). Such mistakes are often dealt with in A & E!

This training looks at the escalation of challenge and examines what exactly is going on. The pattern of escalation is explored, together with what works and what doesn't work. A thorough understanding of the process leads to better methods for tackling problems as they arise. In this way delegates are taught why something works, not just what works.

The ethos of this training is - be tough on the behaviour, but not on the person. This is not some new 'pc' approach, but rather is a deep way of maintaining a genuine link with the person. It is hard to influence, if we simply take up an adversarial position; it is much better to relate - that is why even in extreme situations like a 'hostage' situation, the police work very hard to establish and maintain a relationship.

This Training also uses high level Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques - in particular the many types of Rapport, which are pivotal to desired outcomes. The incremental and sequential nature of the escalation is considered as a structure with definable features - each of which can be diffused with skill to restore order.

The scope of this training is broad in that it covers a very wide range of possible situations, however it should be stressed that this not a 'self-defence' course - rather it is for managing the many and varied expressions of challenging behaviour that we are likely to encounter in a 'classroom' situation.

The Training will show delegates not only how to manage challenges that arise, but also how to maintain a healthy learning climate - thereby reducing risk.

Summary: One of the most innovative Challenging Behaviour Trainings you are likely to experience - it focuses on strategies that work and gives you an understanding of why.

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