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Manager as Role Model - refresh your vision

This is a training designed to refresh and revitalise those in positions of management. Often the managers role can feel a little isolated and without respite. This Training shows how you can be an excellent role model (without pretending to be perfect). It also shows the importance of being an example, and why it is an intrinsic part of leadership.

Delegates will be encouraged to explore:

  • The difference between managers who push, and managers who lead
  • What part behaviours and attitudes play
  • What they want from their teams
  • What their teams want from them
  • How to manage yourself
  • How to manage others

The real qualities of managers spring from their Values which inform their Attitudes, which drive their Behaviours - consequently this Training invites delegates to examine their own values and attitudes (in the workplace) to see how these affect their own, and their teams, performance. All this is done in a supportive, friendly environment, where delegates can work in teams to help one another.

The Training also examines how we can deliberately model excellence in others (who might be the managers' role models?)

The emphasis here is on enhancing the performance of ourselves as managers, as well as getting the best from our teams. In the 21st Century we need to create opportunities for our teams to contribute fully, to be more responsible, to co-operate as well as innovate. In short the managers of the future will get the best from their teams by creating a work family, rather than a work factory.

The old style Victorian 'masters of men' tend to get less from their teams, just as perfectionist leaders lower productivity by making defensive cultures and promoting deceitful communications.

Transform your teams by reflecting first on your role. Activate your work force by setting in motion an irresistible culture and climate through your management style.

Summary: A truly modern Training which supports and assists managers in their increasingly demanding and complex roles. This day should inspire and refresh, so that delegates return with new energy and vision. 

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