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Appraisal - A Positive Tool for Growth

Managers often cite Staff Appraisal as one of their most disliked tasks. However with a few tweaks and a fresh approach, Appraisals could become tremendous opportunities for better relationships, renewed vision and understanding.

This Training is designed to support managers in their appraiser roles, and assist them towards a stress free process that is meaningful and profitable for individuals, the work family, and the goals of the organisation.

This Training looks at Appraisal with fresh eyes, encouraging Staff to explore:

  • Purpose and Planning of Appraisal
  • Dangers of a "Weak" Appraisal
  • Dangers of a "Strong" Appraisal
  • Importance and Nature of Follow up

The administration of Appraisal is crucial to the smooth running of the process - preparation, notification, standard forms, the meeting, the follow up. Once the structure is understood, it can serve both parties, providing a framework for genuine dialogue. Appraisal should be an honest opportunity for sharing and understanding - not a police interrogation room or a mere form filling exercise.

Common pitfalls are explored, together with why they occur, as are their knock-on effects and their remedies. In particular, progressive managers might even use Appraisal as a tool for better understanding themselves, as well as their staff.

Appraisal provides a very useful opportunity to offer summarised feedback, to review the period, to look to the future, and to agree actions. The training also explores why there should not be shocks or surprises at Appraisal, and why giving Halos or Horns is counter-productive.

This Training is cutting edge, being built upon the sound business principles of "Investors in Excellence", The Pacific Institute, Chris Argyris, Kenneth Blanchard, Brian Tracey, Ken Wilber and Edward DeBono.

The biggest resource in your business is the people within it. Yet some managers might prefer working with spreadsheets and forms. This Training helps provide a useful and pragmatic framework towards Appraisals that are dynamic and worthwhile.

The Appraisal process is a great way of re-commissioning staff and consolidating your relationship with them. It can really help focus the goals of the organisation through mutual understanding.

Summary: A practical as well as thought provoking training, providing insights into all aspects of the Appraisal process. Delegates will be encouraged to explore the issues and build the solutions. 

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