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This training is designed to support those who come into direct contact with customers. It is devised to be pragmatic, stimulation and useful.

An unhappy customer can easily take ten others away from your business, whereas a happy customer will tirelessly support you with that elusive treasure ‘word of mouth’ recommendation.

The focus here is on what works in practice. The Training looks at the positives and the pitfalls with a view to creating a very clear idea of what needs to be done as well as how it can be done.

It utilizes the very latest research in interpersonal technologies (including NLP, CBT, TA and Assertiveness).

It will suit a very wide range of delegates – anyone in fact who comes into contact with customers. 

The Training includes a rich exploration of the following: 

  • What does it feel like to be one of our customers?
  • What if a customer is unreasonable?
  • How can we make our customers happy?
  • What is it specifically that makes them unhappy?
  • How does one establish and maintain rapport?
  • Dealing with difficult customers?
  • Improving your telephone skills and email communications

It is intended to be immensely valuable and helpful. The tone of the session is summed up in the phrase ‘you don’t have to be sick to get better.’ It is designed to refresh your provision and give you new helpful ideas and tools for communicating better with customers, and offering them an experience which gets them talking about the quality of your provision.

Summary: A short, powerful training designed to help staff take a new look at customer care. To see what works and what doesn’t work. It promotes the culture of a work family where employees work together as a team to make the Customer experience richer and more rewarding. There will be NO role play in this training (I just thought you’d like to know).

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