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Using Creativity to unlock potential & increase productivity

Your business was once just an idea. Every improvement to your business will also begin as an idea. How many new ideas are you currently harnessing?

Some folks chop wood harder instead of taking the time to sharpen the axe. This training is for those who know the value of working ON the business as well as IN the business.

Without creativity and opportunities to make new contributions, companies become extinct. There are tremendous untapped resources within organisations in the form of the ideas and innovations of their staff. Often the opportunities for harnessing these tremendous energies simply don't exist. Sometimes managers are ignorant of the tools which could revitalise their teams, their productivity and their ability to 'future-proof' their company. This Training provides structures and methods through which the vital energy of creativity can be harnessed. Its emphasis is on the pragmatic and the useful.

When organisations create opportunities to share and harness ideas, the benefits are not just conceptual and practical, but social too. The formation of a "work-family" as opposed to a "work-factory" has positive implications for mission, motivation, attendance, sickness etc.

This Training shows you exactly how you can structure creative contributions which will have profound effects on your productivity, time-use, future growth etc. Creativity is often thought of as a luxury - as some kind of frilly and frothy add-on. Instead it should be seen as a vital ingredient. Some folks think that Creativity is a bringer of chaos, an enemy of order; however it is the very source of order, of efficiency, of streamlining etc. Ironically, those who fear creativity are often found over-compensating; creating their own chaos through too much bureaucracy (the serial killer of many organisations).

In the Training we will examine and use specific Creativity tools as used by many of the world's top organisations including Prudential Insurance, IBM, Federal Express, Polaroid, Pepsico, DuPont, and Nippon Telephone and Telegraph.

Delegates will be guided to approach creativity in a variety of ways including; the ability to generate alternatives; flexibility in thinking; improving solutions; originality of thought; skill in lateral thinking; seeing connections, etc. It also promotes an attitude of creativity which encourages better work relations, clearer communications and a willingness to consider others' point of view.

There can be no excuse for dull, stale, tired thinking. It is not about flamboyance, surrealism or extrovert behaviour - in essence it is about flexibility and the facility to generate alternatives (including new ways of approaching your tasks). This Training shows you how.

Many delegates even report that this Training leads often to more productive Staff meetings!

Summary: A really useful training that helps staff re-commission themselves - reminding them of the joy and privilege of being part of an inspiring work-family. 

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