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So many organizations have mission statements in prospectuses and on web sites, but very few have missions that live in the hearts and minds of the people who work there. This training puts the emphasis on values and climate because that is where the leverage is. Instead of focusing on 'what needs to be done?' - or even the more enlightened 'how can we do it?' Staff should be encouraged to own 'why are we doing it?'

The real leverage is in the culture and the ethos of the workplace. Authoritarian managers create defensive cultures - sometimes getting angry and upsetting themselves and others in the process. Meanwhile perfectionist leaders create under-performing teams and nervous cultures, afraid to do anything. (Why try? - you might make a mistake!)

Good leaders pull their workforce with them, poor leaders push them - and for them, it gets harder every time. Good leaders inspire and focus on desired end results, poor leaders micro-manage and insist everyone does it their way. Leaders have influence, whereas a boss only has power.

There are many managers, but few leaders. How is a leader made? What qualities are most important? What is substance and what is style? How can you use your own natural abilities and skills to the full?

Your management style will have a huge bearing on the health of your team(s). How approachable are you? How responsive to new ideas? Are you endlessly checking and monitoring, when you could be relaxing and be enjoying? Are you part of a 'work-factory' when you could be part of a 'work-family?' To survive in today's marketplace we will need leaders who don't just focus on what we are getting, but on what we are becoming.

This training encourages Leaders and managers to explore their own habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations (in a safe and supportive environment). It also invites them to efficiently align and communicate their goals and vision. Only then can they expect better performance and clearer direction.

This is a deep level Training specifically for people who manage or lead teams; it is designed to nurture positive change and transformation. It is delivered in such a way that it encourages personal reflection, inviting delegates to take responsibility for the tremendous influence they have on the climate of the workplace, which in turn (of course) affects performance.

Increasingly, leaders are realizing that the best leaders start with self development. In this way, they will prove themselves leaders, not just by their Authority and their Knowledge, but also by their Example.

Summary: A very practical Training for ALL managers and leaders - a highly structured day involving group-work, illustrations, dialogue, examples etc. Giving staff, not just the theories, but also the tools! A refreshing and through workout - which supports while it challenges. 

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